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Best Celtic Christmas Music EVER!

It's not easy finding great Celtic Christmas music. Too often Celtic Christmas music is better defined as crappy, New Age, Christmas, piano music. Who wants that?

Well, there are some folks. But people who love Celtic music also love Christmas music. My goal is to share great Christmas music that is also actually great Celtic music.

That's the reason I published A Celtic Christmas, my compilation CD. This is the ideal. It is awesome Celtic music and awesome Christmas music smacked together in one brilliant compilation featuring some of the best indie Celtic musicians online.

This is not Bing Crosby (who I enjoy, he didn't pretend to be Celtic). Nor is it Celtic Thunder (who I do not, their Christmas album is pop music with a Celtic band name). It features such folks as Mithril, Heather Dale, John McGaha, George Papavgeris, Tom Morley, Jed Marum, The Elders, Marc Gunn, The Gleasons, Rathkeltair, Pandora Celtica, Iona, Boston Blackthorne, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Malarkeys, The Brigands' Folie, and The Gothard Sisters. Find out more about the compilation here.

If you're not up for this awesome album. That's okay. It's not for everyone. That's why I compiled a list the best Celtic Christmas albums over on Amazon.

There you'll find the best Celtic Christmas albums ever recorded by bands like The Dubliners, Cherish the Ladies, The Rogues, Craig Duncan, Irish Rovers, The Gothard Sisters, Bonnie Rideout, Orlan Fallon, and Eileen Ivers. You'll even find a compilation by Putumayo.

Of course, then there's one other album... It's by me, Marc Gunn. It's called Celtic Christmas Greetings. It's filled with Celtic songs inspired by Christmas or Christmas songs with a Celtic flair. And it is also packaged as Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards that you can buy and send to your friends. The cards will officially go on sale in mid-November 2014. So click the link and mark the page.

I hope you find a lot of great Celtic Christmas music. So go. Buy. Download. Listen. Enjoy. And smile. I hope you have a Happy Celtic Christmas!