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Early Draft of the Christmas Elf Conscription Song

I was going through some old notes and I found some lyrics that look like an early version of the Christmas Elf Conscription Song. I was about to delete it, but I thought I’d share instead. Maybe it’ll even cool you since we’re still half a year away from a Celtic Christmas.

FYI. I’m planning to release a Celtic Christmas Card EP this year. It will include the four tracks on my Celtic Christmas Songs EP, plus one or two other Celtic Christmas songs. However, it will also be designed as a Christmas card to send to your family and friends. Stay tuned for more info in the months to come… Admittedly, I haven’t thought at all about it in quite a while. So we’ll see how well it happens.

Ho ho ho!

St. Nick’s laugh
Still rings in my ears
From the day I first met him
I never will forget him
for a thousand years

He was quite jolly
With a smile that pierced
My innermost soul
Up on the North Poll
As I served a full year

I awoke alone
In the dark, no sound
I heard shuffling outside
It was reindeer
And Made my stomach turn round
I was not all alone
Other leprechauns were there

I began my term
As a Leprechaun interred