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Christmas Music Playlists

When you love Christmas music like I do, you make playlists. These are all on Spotify


Joyful Celtic Christmas Music

This playlist highlights many of my favorite Christmas songs and tunes by Celtic musicians. You'll find many of these artists are played on my Celtic Christmas podcast. Some are from my Celtic Christmas compilation. But all...

In fact, one of the challenges about running a podcast is that the music must be podsafe. That means all of the songs are either traditional and in the public domain, or they are original songs.

You might be surprised to learn song of the songs that are not podsafe, including: "Carol of the Bells", "Here Comes Santa Claus", "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", and many more.

This Christmas playlist on Spotify gets around all of that because Spotify pays the royalties. So all I have to do is make a fun and beautiful playlist of Celtic Christmas music!

Give it a listen on Spotify!

Celtic Christmas Greetings

Christmas Drinking Songs

If you enjoy upbeat, fun songs about Christmas, particularly if you enjoy a few drinks while you're listening, then this is the playlist for you. It's not just Celtic rock. But there are a lot of Celtic Rock songs as well.

Listen to Christmas Drinking Songs.


Fun Christmas Songs for Kids and Families

This fun Spotify playlist is most of what my family listens to during the holiday season. It features many classic Christmas songs... Not necessarily Celtic ones. But fantastic songs.

There's also a heavy selection of Celtic Christmas songs by me and some of the great music I've found on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the Celtic Christmas Podcast over the years.

You see, I was not raised on Celtic Christmas music. My holidays were filled with traditional Christmas music. My family loves this playlist the most. And I confess, I spend the most time, fine-tuning it for our holidays.

I pick new songs at the start of every November. I play the playlist a lot. And I let my children decide. If there's a song they don't thing is fun, I kick it off the list.

I'm happy to see that is is also my most-popular playlist with over a thousand followers.

Listen to Fun Christmas Songs on Spotify!


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