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Celtic Christmas Videos

There are a lot of folks who search YouTube for Celtic Christmas music videos each year. To help you in that goal, I compiled three playlists. You can listen to the music and for free as often as you like. Enjoy! And have a very Merry Celtic Christmas!


Christmas Craic for the Celtic American

If you love Christmas like I do, you'll love this Video from Marc Gunn and some of his friends from the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. You'll enjoy a bunch of Celtic Christmas songs, stories, bagpipes, jokes, and a lot of Christmas craic in this hit show from YouTube and the Celtic Christmas Podcast.

Best of all, you can watch it for FREE!

Some of the Performers on the Show:

  • Marc Gunn
  • Steve Brownlee of Haggis Rampant
  • Kimberlie Cruse & Shoshanna Green of Sidetracked Productions
  • Patrick and Jonelle Franz

Celtic Christmas Songs Featured

  • Let's Have a Celtic Christmas
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • Celtic Christmas Elf
  • Christmas in Killarney
  • Christmas Medley
  • What Child Is This?
  • Christmas in the Shire

Join the Gunn Runners club to download this video.

You can find many of these songs on Marc Gunn's album Celtic Christmas Greetings.


Celtic Christmas Music Radio

This Celtic Christmas video playlist features music from my the Celtic Christmas Podcast. There are only a few of the videos available even though there are over thirty episodes that you can download or listen to online for free. Eventually, I hope to share them all in this playlist. Make sure you subscribe to the playlist.